1. Boil the dried chiles til they rehydrate. Then combine chiles, garlic, ginger, cumin, white vinegar, peppercorns and a little bit of beef broth in a blender and blend til smooth!

2. In a crock pot ( feel free to use a pot on the stove or instant pot instead, just adjust cooking time!) add together the puréed chile mixture and the beef roast with one onion cut in half as well as the bay leaves and the can of Mexican beer. If the meat is still exposed add enough beef broth to cover. Cook for about 4 hours on high or until the beef starts to fall apart!

3. Take beef out and save for taco assembly! Also remove the bay leaves and the onion. Reserve some cooking liquid to dunk tortillas in. As for the rest of the delicious cooking liquid add one small can of tomato sauce and bring to a simmer! Simmer for 20 mins.

4. Ready to assemble! Get a pan on the stove with a little bit of oil heated up! Dunk tortillas in reserved cooking liquid and place in pan. On one side add some meat and onions and cilantro. Fold taco in half and cook to a crisp on both sides. Place on paper towels to drip off excess grease. Continue this process for all tacos. Once I’ve got the whole amount of tacos done I usually put a few in the pan again at a time for a second to make sure every taco is hot and crisp!

Plate up tacos with some lime slices! Grab a bowl of our dipping sauce we created, add some cilantro and onions to the top! We are now ready to eat!

Taco time! Enjoy!! 🥰

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